Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nacho Night!

With 3 kids ages 5 and younger in our house, regular date nights are easier to talk about than to actually do. We know the importance of spending quality time with each other. We know we are supposed to be each other's first priority. But, we also know that finding a baby sitter for 3 kids and finding the energy to dress up and go out and finding the money to go eat at a restaurant is much more of a challenge than we are up to. So, we have started having date nights at home after the kids are in bed. We work very hard to make sure our kids are in bed around 8 pm each night. This gives Brian and I time to enjoy hanging out with each other in the evenings. Last week, we decided to watch a movie and make nachos for our "date night in". I made supper for the kids before they went to bed, but Brian and I skipped supper and just ate nachos for our meal. Trust me, these kind of nachos are more than enough for a meal! They were so delecious I just had to share the recipe!Here is all the ingredients. We sauted some chicken cutlets seasoned up with chili powder, cumin and salt in the olive oil. The chicken you see on the plate has been finely shredded already. Also pictured is a cup with homemade salsa. If you don't have homemade salsa, you could always use the jarred stuff. There is also a can of refried black beans, sourcream, jalepeno slices, mexican cheese, shredded lettuce and Tostitos Multigrain Chips. And, of course, lime. Everything taste better with lime!First, we spread the chips out onto a cookie sheet. Then, I dolloped some of the refried black beans onto the chips.

Brian helped, too! He is very serious about his jalepenos! He put lots of cheese and shredded chicken and jalepenos on the nachos.

Look at all of that cheese! Yummy!

After we got all of our ingredients on the nachos, we placed them in a 400 degree oven and let them cook for about 7-8 minutes.
Here they are fresh out of the oven. At this point, grab your salsa, sourcream, lettuce, etc. and add them to the nachos! They taste SO good!

Brian was very proud that he did not let any nachos go to waste. We had a wonderful "date night in" that night! We couldn't have had a better time if we would have went to the fanciest restarunt in Starke. HA!


Brandyn said...

Those nachos looked Outrageously Yummy! We'll definitely have to try your recipe! I just wish we could get our little man into bed WITHOUT us! Oh Well...One Sweet Day! :D

kelly said...

That is such a neat idea. We will have to try the date night in. Our kids always go to bed early we just need to make it a point to spend that time together. How did you shred the chicken that fine?

The Woodall family said...

Thanks, Ladies! They were pretty outrageous:) I shredded the chicken in my food processor for a minute or really was good to have it finely shred for something like nachos. Hope y'all enjoy them!

Lady Jen said...

I love your blog and your date night idea! Thanks for following my blog. God bless you richly today!

MommyAmy said...

Oh baby that sounds GOOD!!!

I also went back and read your garden post, you must live in a much warmer spot than I do! I pretty much just got the last of my seeds planted today, and my mom keeps telling me I'm a little early for it! We'll see. :P