Sunday, May 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is a very off week for our family! The first part of the week, we are out of town and the middle part of the week, my sister is town. I imagine we will be spending much of our time at my mom and dad's house visiting. I was tempted to not do a menu plan for this week, but really wanted to stay in the habit and remain disciplined! So, here is our tentative menu for this week!

Monday, May 25th-
out of town

Tuesday, May 26th-
traveling/dinner at mom and dad's?

Wednesday, May 27th-
AWANA awards at church!
Tuna sandwiches/PB & Js, macaroni salad

Thursday, May 28th-
last night with Ashley-dinner at mom and dad's?

Friday, May 29th-
homemade pizza night!

Saturday, May 30th-
grilled chicken quesadillas
refried black beans
strawberry-lime slushes

Sunday, May 31st-
carrot, cucumber, pepper stix

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