Monday, May 18, 2009


Have you ever heard of swagbucks?

If you are like me, you "google" things every day. Any time I wonder about anything, I go "google" it. Well, swagbucks is a search engine that is powered by google. Instead of going to, I go to and search just the same way I would at google. But, at swagbucks, I earn points, or bucks, that can be traded in for all sorts of prizes. After you rack up enough swagbucks, you can get giftcards to places like, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble and many more! How cool is that!?! At first, I kept wondering what the catch was, but I have been using it for a while now and I have racked up quite a few swagbucks! And, lots of people I know have been trading their swagbucks in for prizes. So, if you want to start earning swagbucks just for searching the web, head here and sign up. I have not received any annoying emails or anything by signing up! And, if you follow the link on my blog to swagbucks, I earn extra swagbucks for getting you to sign up! YAY! Check it out...this may just be the next "big thing":)

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jennifer said...

Sounds cool! I'll go check it out! Thanks for the tip :)