Monday, May 18, 2009

Brian and Emily's camping-date mini-adventure!

A couple of weekends ago, Brian and I had our first over-night "date" since before we had children 5 years ago. As I blogged about here, we don't go out for dates very often. But, when we do go out, we do it in our own unique style. One of the things that brought us together to begin with was a love for music. Over the years, we have been to quite a few great concerts and Brian has a talent for scoring us awesome seats. When Brian found out that James Taylor was coming to one of our all-time favorite venues, The St. Augustine Amphitheater, he knew we had to go. I grew up listening to JT. My dad is one of JT's biggest fans and he raised me with a love and respect for that music and message. So, one of my favorite musicians at one of my favorite venues for concerts and was the perfect get-away for us! On Friday afternoon we packed up our tent and headed to Anastasia State Park. We set up camp, relaxed for a while and then walked to the amphitheater for the 8 o'clock show. The show was great! The weather was perfect, our seats were awesome, as always. JT was...amazing. He played a couple of nice, long sets. After the show, we walked back to our camp site and sat around our little fire. We ate smores and talked-without kids interupting! The next morning we got up and went down to the beach for a while. I love being at the beach early in the morning! After we packed up camp, we drove around St. Augustine for a little while looking at old houses and then went and had lunch at Mango yummy! After lunch, we headed home. It was wonderful, but I missed my babies and was refreshed and happy to see them when we got to my mom and dad's house to pick them up. It was a great little adventure with my favorite guy!

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Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

That looks like so much fun! I love me some JT romantic :)